Friday, May 29, 2015

Pictures from grafting season

Belladonna commences this evening so this will be a quicky post.

In the order they were grafted.  All pictures taken May 29.

Red Leaf Plum.  Selected because it appears to have viable pollen and produces many plums.  As you can see this is growing at a right, smart clip.
Shenandoah Pear grafted on Birchleaf Pear.
Szego Chestnut.  Tree tube was pulled of and is on ground.
This guy was clinging to the Tee post that was holding up the tree tube.
Mayhaws. This is a southern fruit.  It may have difficulty with flowers freezing due to spring frosts but growers claim that the tree is cold hardy well below zero F. Scion wood is very skinny, almost like match sticks.
Hay #1 Black Walnut.  Paper bag is a "Poor Man's" tree tube.  Bag partially torn open to acclimate emerging shoots to the sun.  Scion wood is stout....almost like grafting broom handles.
Illinois Everbearing Mulberry.  Silvery tape is Parafilm.
None of the persimmons have pushed yet.


  1. All looking good, pal.
    Mayhaws withstood a few nights of temps below -10F here this winter - no plant damage, but minimal bloom this year, though - think I saw ONE little mayhaw fruit developing on one of the half-dozen or so plants, earlier this week.
    Congrats to Belladonna! (and to you and Mrs.ERJ!)

  2. Enjoy the evening, and looks like a bunch of wins this year!!!

  3. Enjoy the evening, and looks like a bunch of wins this year!!!

  4. We have an Illinois Everbearing Mulberry...a gift from Dr. Lucky himself. It's growing like gangbusters! My youngest is a huge mulberry addict. He eats so many he'll make himself sick :-)