Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Rhetorical question:  If the Federal Reserve and this country's major Investment Banks are doing such a bang-up job, then why aren't counterfeiters lauded as civic heroes?

They both stimulate the economy and they both enrich a very small sub-set of the general population.  From a functional standpoint, is there really any difference between the two?  Why are members of the first group considered honorable members of society and members of the second group considered criminals?

Just asking.


  1. Because on the one hand, the Fed was established by Congress, while counterfeiting is a violation of criminal law. Sometimes the only difference between a crook and a hero is a few adjectives in a law book.

    1. There is that. That and the fact that counterfeiters rarely report their manufactured product on their income tax.

  2. Simple- it is WHO gets the money. The law these days is selectively targeted. It is who you are, not what you have done, that is important. Members of the New Lords are outside the law. The only apparent exception is if a protected class member , attacks another protected class member in any way. I give you Mr. Madoff. And Senator Menendez.