Friday, May 15, 2015

Belladonna is going to "States" for Track

Today was "Regionals".  Athletes who perform well enough at Regionals are invited to "States".

Three women throwers from Eaton Rapids (including Belladonna and Wildchild) qualified for "States".

Two women throwers from Eaton Rapids, Belladonna and Wildchild, qualified for for "States".

Belladonna had me nervous in discus.  Her first two throws were fouls.  She was throwing to the left.  Her last throw was good enough to make the top nine, which granted her another three throws.  And she qualified for "States".

I am delighted that she is competent enough to diagnose and solve "problems" while competing.  That speaks well of her professionalism.  I am proud to to be blessed with such a fine daughter.