Sunday, May 24, 2015

Three Bulls

Three bulls were basking in the sun atop a grassy knoll.  Word came that the farmer was buying a fourth bull.

The old bull, the one with the most cows, said, "He can't have any of my cows.  They are MINE!"

The middle aged bull said, "Well, he certainly can't have any of my cows."

The youngest bull, who had just a few cows, said "He cannot have any of my cows.  I'll fight him.

Several days later...

Several days later a semi tractor-trailer pulled into the barnyard.  It was clearly visible from the knoll.

Horns protruded from the top of the trailer.

The new bull, smelling the cows, bellowed.  The sides of the trailer flexed in-and-out like a trampoline.

The bull kicked and a dent the size of a garbage can lid appeared in the back of the trailer.


The old bull, raptly watching, said "Well, I started going to church and I think the only Christian thing to do is to let him have a few of my cows."

The middle bull said, "I suppose the only neighborly thing to do is to let him have a few of my cows.

They looked over at the young bull.

There comes a time...

And he was snorting and pawing at the ground.

The older bulls were astounded.

"Are you out of your mind?  He will kill you!"

The young bull looked up from his three point stance.  His expression was hard and opaque.

He said, "There comes a time in every bull's life when he must decide if he is a bull or a cow.  That bull may kill me....but he will do it knowing that I am a bull."

Have a blessed Memorial Day.


  1. Yep, and who knows... Maybe he CAN win!

    1. Strength of conviction may make it so that he will not need to fight to keep his cows. Coyotes can easily kill and eat raccoons but generally do not. There are easier prey and the risk/reward tips them toward the rabbits, mice and such.

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  3. Young bull and old bull were standing on the hilltop, looking down at a group of comely heifers.
    "Let's run down there and breed a heifer!", said the young bull.
    "No, let's walk down there and breed them all.", said the old bull.

    1. I suspect that joke was first told 4000 years ago. It was funny then. It is funny now. It will be funny 4000 years in the future. All because it captures a universal truth.