Sunday, May 10, 2015

I love it when a plan comes together

"Wedgwood Blue"  a Fr. John Fiala creation.
Many years ago I decided that that buying flowers on Mother's Day was for people who did not plan ahead.

I planted lilacs.  Some bushes were gifted to friends and are sorely missed.  A few remain.

Some years they are in 80% bloom on Mother's Day.  This year is one of them.

The quote about prophets having no honor in their hometown applies to flowers as well.  Flowers are so common on the ERJ estate that my kids turn up their noses at the local talent.

But their friends....

Big D doing a nose check on Wedgwood Blue.  He decided it was good enough for his mom.
Big D doing the same on a selection given to me by gunsmith Don Snap.  I suspect it might be Chas Joly.

Big D also added a few narcissus and some Viburnum X juddii.  The aroma is...well....heady.  I am sure his mom will be dazzled.

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