Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don't spend it when you don't have it

Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make it do.
Or, do without.


These little, $99, point-and-shoot digital cameras are a marvel.

But they are not without faults.

Based on multiple Monte Carlo simulations, the ERJ consulting group determined that there is a 23% chance that the camera will land on the battery access door when dropped.

This is a photo of the battery door on the official ERJ Blog camera.

This is the second ERJ blogging camera to experience this failure mode.
The polymer used for these cameras is chosen for cost, surface finish, moldability and paintability.  Impact resistance and fracture toughness are pretty far down the list of selection criteria.

This problem would be solved if the "factory" used polycarbonate, high-impact ABS, polyamide or polycarbonate. 

So it was necessary to splint the battery access door.

But what to use for a splint?

You may recognize this.  It came from a beverage can.
After much consideration, the winner was a piece of formed aluminum alloy.

I glued it to the battery access door with Shoe Goo.

I will keep you updated.  If I have to do it again I will try some other adhesive.  Shoe Goo has a very short pot life.

I love it when I can put a $30 (price, used) camera back on the road for the price of a pop-can tab and 2 ml of glue.

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