Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Silent Auction at the Library

Two inches of rain today.  It is a wonderful thing.

I was invited to tag along with Mrs ERJ as she went about her daily errands.

One of those errands involved dropping into the Eaton Rapids Public Library.

They are having a silent auction as a fund raiser.

They had custom decorated chairs.  This was my favorite:  "Cherry Pie".  These "mug shots" do not capture the charm of these works of art.

This was Mrs ERJ's favorite....the Fairy Garden
They also offered flower pots that were decorated by Eaton Rapids High School students.

This is what the bid sheet looked like.  Nothing fancy.
I really like this idea for fundraising.  Bake sales raise money but I must wonder if they actually bring in a significant premium over the cost of the ingredients.

These chairs can be had at auction (like Taylor Made) for $5.  A little bit of love.  A little bit of imagination and they become art.  If you want to bid, the phone number of the Eaton Rapids Public Library is (517) 663-8118.  Their email is:  erlibrary@cityofeatonrapids.com

I will even let you bid on the Cherry Pie chair.

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