Sunday, May 31, 2015

A day of rest

Today has been a recovery day. 

Walking out to the road I saw some work that will need to be done in the near future.

I finally have enough potato plants out of the ground to "find" the rows and till between them.

We had 2" of rain on Saturday.  The ground should be dry enough to till by Tuesday afternoon.

Time windows

Gardening teaches us to appreciate time windows. 

Weeds that are crisp and small rooted today will be woody and wiry rooted in two weeks.

Potato plants that are short and petite this week will be too tall and floppy to hill up in three weeks.

Depending on the soil, slope and drainage, I must let the ground dry out before I can till.

One cannot schedule the rain.  So that means I must jump on this next "window" when it comes around.

Its 5 o'clock somewhere

People who buy food at grocery stores lose touch with the seasons.  Our food production system makes all of those vexing details invisible.

I plan my gardening using a portfolio approach.  I like to have a substantial portion of it in vegetables and fruits that have a very wide harvest and storage time horizon.  Potatoes, fall/winter apples, winter squash, cabbage fall into this category.  I like having a smaller portion of the more perishable fruits and vegetables.  Raspberries, apricots, lettuce, tomatoes fall into this category.

There is a pulse within each season.  Late-spring/early-summer's pulse is tilling-planting-tilling-weeding-weeding-weeding......

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