Saturday, May 9, 2015

Seasoned Criminals

The discussion at the coffee table turned to non-lethal means of repelling home invaders, muggers and others who might wish to assault old farts and young girls.

Frankly, non-lethal means are just one more tool in the toolbox and merit considered thought.

Some of us have family members who would hesitate before shooting somebody.  In most cases, they would have NO hesitation in the aggressive application of non-lethal means.

Wasp spray

One of the guys at the coffee table is absolutely in love with Wasp spray.

He has used this product on wasps and Yellow Jackets and watched it knock them out of the sky in mid-wingbeat.  In his mind's eye, it would have absolutely the same effect on bad-guys walking down the hallway of his house.

There are multiple shortcomings in his logic.

If he is right, then it is still using lethal means.  And a sharp lawyer might twist the blame onto the homeowner for using "cruel and unusual means".

He is likely wrong.  Insects have a very large surface area-to-volume ratio compared to humans.  If my math skills are up to the task, a honeybee (125mg mass) has a surface-to-mass ratio that is about 90 times greater than of a 90kg human.  Further, spraying an insect results in a near 100% wet-out of its exterior.  The only way to achieve a similar wet-out would be if the bad-guy were naked and pirouetting as he came down the hallway.

A minor factor is that humans have livers that can break-down many common insecticides.  Yes, the liver can be overwhelmed, but the liver is pretty good at keeping up with the amount absorbed through "incidental" contact. This does not apply to some of the super-toxic, neuro-transmitter interrupters like azinphos-methyl...but you are not going to find those kinds of pesticides in consumer products like wasp spray.

One of the least desirable outcomes would be if the home owner blinded the bad-guy.  Then, the bad-guy sues...he was just a confused drunk who got turned around and was looking for his keys.  Kiss your assets good-bye.

The logic of all this bounced off our guy.  He is in love with wasp spray.

Pepper spray


I recommend the four pack of the larger size.  That way, you can practice actuating and aiming the done outside, of course.  Image from HERE

And sometimes humor succeeds when logic fails.

The most compelling reason to use pepper spray was given by one of the guys at the coffee table.

Should you ever need to defend your actions in a court of law your defense team can make the following case:  Pepper, by definition is a spice.  Therefore, ipsi facto, any malfactor who is sprayed with pepper spray is a "seasoned" criminal.

And the use of pepper spray was justified.


  1. Yep, pepper spray it is! :-)

  2. Yep, pepper spray it is! :-)

  3. You're overthinking this. Wasp spray is debilitating, in that it will cause someone to immediately close their eyes. Your goblin with his eyes slammed shut, just decreased his effectiveness by an order of magnitude.

    In a home invasion scenario, lethal force is authorized in most jurisdictions. Wasp spray is decidedly less lethal than gunshot wounds, is often available to the homeowner, is readily purchased everywhere, and could be an effective agression repellent. If the little old lady of the house hosed some goblin with wasp spray, then told the police later that "It's all I could get my hands on", likely no charges would be filed. Also, it's easier to clean up than high-speed blood on the drywall.

    Pepper spray is good, I carry it ever day, but wasp spray is good too, iit's just not often considered in the use-of-force continuum. (For the record, carb cleaner will make someone's eyes slam shut, too.)