Monday, March 16, 2015

Where is Vlad?

He has been missing for nine or ten days.  Stomach flu?  Flesh pots in a warm climate?  Safari?   Coup d'étatJoined a monastery?  Assassinated? Sex change operation? 

He is important because of the instabilities between NATO, Mother Russia and the Ukraine.  That instability is one of the potential flash-points where WWIII might ignite.  Another reason Mr Putin is important is because he can launch intercontinental, nuclear missiles.  We are not talking about one or two of the theoretical kind.  We are talking about enough Mtons to make a continent uninhabitable.

Some hope that Mr Putin is under house arrest, like the Romanovs were in 1917/18.  My inclination is to hope that Mr Putin shared Roberta X's stomach virus and will soon be back-in-the-saddle. Mr Putin has not engaged in any genocides, nor has he failed his citizens through inept rule.  

Perhaps he is disliked by many over here.  I understand that.  There will always be people who are frostily competent.  Rarely are those guys charismatically likeable.  But neither was Vlad the Impaler....another guy who did what needed doing.

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