Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lansing, Michigan Home and Garden Expo

I am not going to bury you with pictures.

Wooden Nickel Refinishing and Furniture Restoration

===>LINK<===  Repair, Re-caning, Upholstery, Stripping.

This guy refinishes furniture.  This before-and-after format is very effective.

He likes working on furniture with good bones.  I learned that this style of chair is called "Empire".
And he can do "dainty".  I was taken by the way the light played across the fabric of this seat bun.

Thomas LeGault Art


Mr LeGault was reluctant to let me take a picture.  He has had too many pictures pirated.

He paints in acrylic and uses a spatula.  Those "leaves" bursting out into the border are have thickness and depth.  That is pretty tough to "print".

Most of his pictures are VERY large format.  He specializes in light-airy compositions.  The kind of large mural that can make a small, stuffy room feel much larger and more open.  Most of his murals have birch trees, sandy beaches and brightly trimmed boats.  This composition, the one he was OK with me photographing has more of the Thomas Kinkade "cozy cottage" feel than most of his paintings.

Based on the amount of work he displayed I think he must paint very rapidly.

Recumbent Seat Covers (and custom lights)


This bike was parked outside the expo.  It is owned by a seventyish year old gentleman named Mr Janson.  He is a little miffed.  Due to the crappy weather he "only" has 900 miles on it so far this year.

One of Mr Janson's businesses makes custom seat covers for recumbent bicycles.

I anticipate covering his business in a future small business report.

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