Friday, March 13, 2015


I was waiting for an appointment yesterday.  As a retiree, you get good at waiting.  Time or money.  Well, I have time.

One of the office minions offered me a cup of coffee, which I gratefully accepted since I was two cups short of my consumption curve.

I took a sip and was amazed.

I understand why some bloggers prattle on about this coffee or that coffee.


For reasons that are not important, I have had the privilege of sitting in on assorted counselors of various flavors as they went about their jobs.

One highly rated counselor relied on silence:  Silence and a finely honed, non-judgmental "hmm!"

The "hmm" was much more than is captured by the characters.  It started out as mild surprise, transitioned to exceeded-expectations as the baritone timbre deepened, dwelt on savor and then fanned out into appreciation for the complexity and ended with a prolonged pondering of nuance.

The person being counseled would proceed to spill their guts.  Just that sound (not even a word), "hmm" unlocked them.

Until yesterday, I was unable to replicate that sound.

And then I heard it again.  In that hallway, as the slurp of coffee rolled and coiled about my palate.  I heard it.  I was making it.

In retrospect, the counselor was drinking coffee during those sessions.  I wonder.....did he really have to spend 8 years in college to learn when to take sips of fine Colombian coffee?


  1. One uses what ever tool they need... LOL And coffee just makes it better, especially GOOD coffee!!!

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