Friday, March 13, 2015


I was chauffeuring Kubota and one of his friends in the minivan today.  As often happens on the longer trips, the kids forgot I was there and started talking freely; very freely.

Apparently, some of the young men have given certain body parts, their own body parts, first names.  I heard one boy named his Bo....a good countryboy name.  And I heard that another named his Pi, presumably measuring 3.14159....somethings and assuredly the basis for many future irrational arguments.

Finally, Kubota casually mentioned the name of his pride-and-joy:  "Anna".

I was a bit concerned.  Ultimately, I have no control over his orientation.  But if he is the least bit unsure then I think he should not run around advertising his ambivalence.  Kids are ruthlessly cruel.  Any ambivalence should be kept private.  There will be later, safer venues for the exploration of that kind of thing.

I started to have that conversation with Kubota after dropping off the friend.  Kubota was baffled.  He had no clue why I was talking about that.

So I told him that I overheard his pet name for his you-know-what, that it was a feminine name and I was concerned.

Kubota rolled his eyes.  "Dad.", he said, "Anna is short for 'Anaconda'!"  I am all for diversity.  We are a Ruger family, but if he wants to look at Colts, well, I guess I am OK with that.


  1. ROTF... That's the problem with 'eavesdropping'... One doesn't always get ALL of the story. And gotta get him off Anacondas, and onto Pythons... Anacondas have lousy triggers.

    1. I think the boy with Pi(thon) has dibs on that. It had nothing to do with 3.14159....

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