Saturday, March 14, 2015

Toenail clippers

One thing that can be learned from NASCAR is that rules are static objects that nimble minds can navigate around.

Some jurisdictions are becoming nanny-states as they outlaw virtually every "scary" object.  This post is intended to be a bit of "push back", a demonstration of what a nimble mind can do.

Toe nail clippers.  Can you think of a more pedestrian, less scary object?  Comprised of two, 1/2 inch (12.7mm) long cutting edges. 
Toenail clippers on the left.  1/2" diameter Grade 8 bolt (after a trip to the grinding wheel) on the right.  Bolt is half as scary as the toenail clippers because it has only one, 1/2" long cutting edge.
This could even more easily have been a cold chisel or a screw driver.  Or, lacking anything else, it could be fabricated out of a piece of concrete rebar.  Discoloration of the metal is due to quenching.
The threaded end is a wee bit difficult to grip, so notches were ground into it to facilitate attaching a handle.
There we go.  A six foot long handle (a walking stick).  Just the right length for trimming one's toenails without bending over.  This is not finished.  It will get a wire wrap around the end to prevent splitting.
This is a concept piece, just to get a feel for the project.  The next iteration will extend more than 4" out from the handle.  I think the next iteration will stick out 8".   In addition to trimming toenails, this tool can be used to picking fruit and shish kabob big dogs with bad attitudes and a disregard of property lines. 

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