Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Southern Belle called the house phone this evening.  She was worried because she could not get through on my cell phone.

She was last mentioned on this blog HERE and HERE.

She is teaching ninth graders in Miami.  There she is, the blonde from Michigan and she is the redneck.

Some of the questions the kids ask almost leave her stumped.  They had been reading John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.  They asked her, "What is brush?"

She responded, "Well, you know, it is like when you are hunting rabbits and there is a pile of branches on the ground that you kick.  Or it might be bushes that are not trimmed as topiary (that is, bushes that do not look like poodles or ATMs) but are just growing wild." 



As reported earlier, Belladonna reconnected with her birth-family earlier this year.

Belladonna's biological siblings went to Godwin Heights High School.  One still attends and is a member of the men's basketball team.  Godwin Heights is still in the Michigan basketball play-offs.  By a cosmic twist of fate they played their last two games in Charlotte, Michigan, a scant 10 miles west of Eaton Rapids.  Bella was in attendance.

This video is from when Godwin Heights played the sixth ranked Class B school in Michigan.

Tonight, Belladonna got to watch her brother Leon (#5) play against Charlotte, one of Eaton Rapids arch-rivals.  The only thing better than watching Eaton Rapids beat Charlotte is to watch Godwin Heights beat them like a rented mule.  Godwin Heights squeaked by 81-37.  Proof that big-and-fast beats lucky most days of the week.

Belladonna is a happy girl.

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