Monday, March 9, 2015


The guys I drink coffee with remarked that the snowbanks alongside our roads are quickly melting away.  That reveals many months worth of roadkill that have been hither-to-fore covered by successive layers of snowfall.

This provides a bonanza for crows and other scavengers. They, in turn, sometimes become roadkill as well.

One of the coffee drinkers informed us that more than 97% of the road killed crows are struck by trucks.  That is a significantly higher percentage of truck kills than the percentage of trucks on the road.  Researchers, puzzled by the imbalance, looked into the matter.

They determined that crows are intelligent, social animals.  They post a sentry in a favorable vantage point while the rest of the murder got down to the business of eating the roadside carrion.

Apparently all sentry crows are proficient at warning "Car! Car!" but virtually none of them have mastered "Truck! Truck!"

I learn something new every day.  Sometimes it is even true.


  1. Ow, bad pun. That joke was indeed something to crow about.

  2. Got a real laugh out of me. Thanks! I love a good corny joke!

  3. Ow... snorting coffee out one's nose HURTS!!! :-)

  4. Ow... snorting coffee out one's nose HURTS!!! :-)