Sunday, March 8, 2015

Springtime in Michigan

The extended weather report suggests that sub-zero, daily lows are behind us.

I shaved off my wintertime beard.

I smelled a skunk on the way home from a gun show this afternoon.  I am finding myself fond of the smaller, conservation club based gun shows.

The calendar shows springtime as lasting three months.  To me, biologically, springtime starts when the Quaking Aspen catkins start to extend and ends when the last petals blow off of the trees in the apple orchard.

There are some weirdo trees that pollinate during the winter.  Ash, elm and a few others.  They don't count.

By my reckoning, spring usually starts in Eaton Rapids around April Fool's day and ends about a week before Labor Day.  It is not spring, yet.  But a skunk told me it is on the way.

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