Monday, March 16, 2015

The best music to play while cleaning house is...

Frankly, I am curious to hear everybody's opinion.

Clearly, there is music that enhances physical conditioning, i.e., working out.  The Theme from Rocky, Queen and so on.

There is music that enhances the romantic ambiance....Pachelbel's Canon, Roberta Flack, Bill Withers and so on.

There is deer hunting music, and beer drinking music.

But what music, pray tell, makes house cleaning an endurable....if not enjoyable...task?

The picture in my head is to throw together 5 play-lists of about 30 minutes long.  One play-list will be called Monday, the second play-list will be called Tuesday...and so on.

Mrs ERJ did not marry a house.  She is not a "house wife."  She married me.  She gently hinted that I need to step up a little bit.  I can see that she is right.  I have resources.  There is no reason this must become work or be tedious.  SOMEBODY out there, perhaps most people out there have solved problem.  I just need to ask.

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