Monday, March 23, 2015

Endocrine system

Belladonna is in her second term of Human Anatomy.  They are studying the Endocrine system.  Bella pressed me into service as a study-buddy.

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The pituitary gland is the puppeteer that triggers many of the other elements of the endocrine system via hormones that it releases.  Consequently, the pituitary gland produces a boat-load  of hormones.

Bella is expected to list the names of the hormones from memory.  To spell them correctly. She is responsible for knowing the name of the hormone, where it is produced, its function, the target system/cells, class of chemical and  whether it can freely penetrate cell walls. She was doing pretty well but was struggling with the pituitary gland because the list is seemed endless.


One that she kept forgetting was ICSH.   I was able to teach her a bit about mnemonics.  

Most of my readers probably grew up in the age when we were actually expected to memorize things in school.  That is no longer fashionable.  Teachers an parents assume that their child will always be able to consult Siri.  They say they need the time to teach "relevant" material.  Personally, I think it is because they find teaching "rote" material tedious.  Regardless of the reasons, most kids have much less practice memorizing material than their parents did.

Mnemonics are little memory aids.  Sometimes they are little ditties

Add the acid to the water
The way you really oughter

Sometimes it is a matter of making information more accessible by massaging it into a form that is more memorable.

Every good boy deserves fudge

Roy G. Biv


Belladonna is a bit disgusted with boys right now, not all of them but a certain slice of them.  That made it pretty easy to come up with a mnemonic for ICSH.

One of the major functions of ICSH  (Interstitial Cell-Stimulating Hormone) is that it regulates the production of testosterone in men.

I suggested that Bella add the words "its Testosterone" to the end of  ICSH.  So ICSH morphed to I-C-SHiT which is about how Bella feels when she looks at guys with alley-cat proclivities.

She did not miss I-C-SHiT after that.  I hope she remembers to delete the iT during the test.

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