Monday, March 16, 2015

"Bits of DNA" added to the blog list

This chart is from The perfect human is Puerto Rican.  "Perfect" human defined here as populations having the greatest likelihood of possessing genes associated with increased longevity.  This illustration charts the first two Principal Component Modes.  Additional PCMs do not fall so cleanly into documented human populations.  Unfortunately, nobody had the presence of mind to swab Lazarus Long's cheek prior to this study.
This blog was added because Lior Patchter writes about topics that are interesting to me.  He writes about complex topics but he is able to explain them clearly.  He is also very effective at using an array of graphics to help the reader get a grip on mega-topics.

Much of the blog-o-sphere is mindless drivel.  It is refreshing to see researchers making their work (and the work of others) available to mortals in ways that are logistically accessible and entirely readable.

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