Thursday, March 5, 2015

Glock girl rocks

The distaff side of the ERJ family went out for a "girl's night out."  They went to a chick-flick titled The Dropbox.  The boys were not invited.

So Kubota, Pelé and I had a "boy's night out."

 We went to Dicker and Deal pawn shop on South Cedar street in Lansing. We ate too much at Spud's restaurant on Waverly Road.  We checked out Disk Trader where we saw a magnificent pothole.

Our last stop of the day was at a book store.

A young lady walked up to the magazine rack where I was drooling over some magazines.  She asked if I could scoot over a bit.  She wanted to buy a particular magazine.  This is what she picked up.

Absolutely nothing dowdy or plain about this girl!  I could not tell she was carrying.  Beneath the coat she was wearing a voluminous blouse of densely woven, limp cotton material in Robin Hood green (think "drapes") and lots of jingly-jangly jewelry.  She also had low boots with beau coup straps and "charms" adorning them.

This young lady is thinking about expanding her family.  She has a 9mm Glock that she shoots every week with her brother at Total Firearms in Holt, Michigan.  The weekly date is a sibling bonding tradition in her family.

She loves her Glock.  It is a very shootable gun and it has become a natural extension of her.

But now she wants a baby.  That is, a gun that does not print through her clothing.  Sometimes a girl, a pretty girl, wants to WOW! people with just how pretty she is.  Is hard to hide a brick beneath a knit, sheath dress.

She is leaning toward a Smith and Wesson Shield but is not quite ready to pull the trigger.  She knows that she will want the extended magazines.  She does not like to have extra fingers dangling down.

Total Firearms has a policy of encouraging shooters to test out guns they are thinking of buying.  I think it is possible to make arrangements so the rental fees are deducted from the transaction price of the gun.  That is a brilliant policy on the part of Total Firearms.  I am pretty sure that she has been checking out all of the likely candidates, sending rounds downrange.

Growing the family is an enormous responsibility...the new mouth needs to be fed, and clothed and a place needs to be found for it to sleep. One advantage to the Shield is that it comes in 9mm and it will be a snap to keep it fed.

She showed me a purchase she had just made to scratch the S&W itch.  It is a coffee mug.  I wonder what the folks at work will be thinking when the see it.

I am tickled that she was comfortable sharing her passion for firearms.  She willingly agreed to pose for the photos.  I think that she wants her "sisters" to see her as a role model.  Some people want to dismiss women with mature attitudes about personal responsibility, women who seize the empowerment embodied by a firearm as "bull dykes" or "male wannabes".  Let me tell you.  This lady is a very feminine, very personable and very attractive girly-girl.

And she carries a Glock.


  1. I found that pothole's brother this afternoon!!! and good for her!

  2. I found that pothole's brother this afternoon!!! and good for her!