Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I started running again.

I ran two miles Saturday and two-and-a-half miles Monday.  I restarted after a five month break.  Yes, I have a treadmill but it is not the same as running outside.

I let myself go this winter and packed on a bunch of pounds.  Mrs ERJ offered much advice but it did not seem to help.  Who knew that five meals a day would cause such problems?

She told me to consider adding more fiber to my diet for that "fuller" feeling.  I complied by putting shredded cheese on everything.  It did make me feel fuller but I kept adding weight.

The running gives me aches and pains but they are good aches and pains.  A "good" ache is one that induces you to relax, that helps you sleep.  It is a pain that you know the origin of, a pain that does not feel like an elephant sitting on your chest.

I have been running, off-and-on, for about ten years.  Never anything hard-core.  More distance oriented than speed.  All of my old friends are visiting me:  Plantars fascitis,  Pes Anserine Bursitis....  Those are funny names.  I almost expect my left foot to dispense peanuts and my knees to dispense gum.  The simple fact is that I need to stretch more.  I need to stretch more often, more muscle groups, for a longer period of time as I get older.

The plan is to attempt three miles on Wednesday and then drop back to two miles on Friday.  Mrs ERJ has plans for me over the weekend and she wants me functional.

Next week will likely be all three mile runs.  This week has been a matter of putting my body "on-notice" and easing back into it.  Next week will be a bit of toughening up before I start increasing mileage.  At least that is the plan.


  1. I'd be on crutches... sigh... My knees and ankles won't take the beating anymore.

    1. An old NFO and a young NFO were standing on a hill in a pasture. They young NFO said, "Let's run down there and get to know some of those ladies."

      The Old NFO said, "I have a better idea. Let's walk down there...."

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