Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Yep, still here

Two of my kids live in the East Lansing area.

One was working at the time. The other sheltered-in-place.

Weening myself from carrying my phone

Belladonna informed me that I failed to meet her expectations in terms of her being able to get a hold of me.

Even when I am carrying my phone I have been having connectivity issues. I don't know if it is the phone, the operating system or Trac Fone cutting costs. It appears that the phone connects to the cell towers when I am moving but drops out when I am stationary and calls go directly to Voice Mail.

Field trip

I made a field-trip to a nearby city and did a survey of some community gardens.

One of the sites had an abundance of mulberries growing through the chain-link fence on the east side of the garden. They would be good candidates for grafting to Illinois Everbearing Mulberry. Otherwise, they should probably be removed because they shade the garden and the pollen from male mulberries contributes to hay fever.

The parking lot at the other site had been landscaped with Bradford Flowering Pears and they are candidates for grafting over to edible pears...at least the ones that are in the corners of the lot where folks rarely park. Some people believe that BFP "taints" the scion variety and the fruit will be inedible. However, it is a commonly used rootstock for edible pears world-wide. My thinking is that if it is there and growing well, "Saddle-up, cowboy and ride that pony!"

Valentine's day

Oh, and today is Valentine's day. Mrs ERJ had a thing or two to say about how I am spending my time today.

Give your sweetheart a hug-and-a-kiss.


  1. I don't have connectivity issues with my cell phone because I leave it in my truck turned off unless I want to call someone or I'm expecting a call. And then the battery is often dead. Can't get any better than that.--ken

  2. I also have connectivity issues.
    It has nothing to do with my phone.

  3. Good to hear both of the kids are okay - I only made the connection with East Lansing later after I had read the news.

    Mine is not a connectivity issue. It is that I keep the phone on silent.

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