Sunday, February 19, 2023

Biden negotiates away US Autonomy

Driving home from Mass today, Mrs ERJ read an article about the Biden Administration making a deal with the World Health Organization to let them "manage" the United States in the event of an epidemic.

The Constitution gives the power to make treaties to the US Senate. Biden bypassed that requirement through trickery, according to the article, by agreeing to enforce the "treaty" while it was in "provisional" status. That is, they agreed to enforce the WHO directives BEFORE the language is passed by the Senate.


Looking at just Covid-19, according to the CDC it has been documented as infecting the following species of animals:

  • Cats 
  • Dogs
  • Hamsters
  • Ferrets
  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Snow Leopards Otters
  • non-human primates
  • Binturong
  • Coatimundi
  • Hyenas
  • Hippopotamuses (Hippopotamii?)
  • Manatees
  • Mink
  • White-tailed deer
  • Mule deer
  • Black-tailed marmoset
  • Giant anteater 

Corona virus other than Covid-19 are documented as infecting cattle and hogs.

One of the concerns, from an epidemiological standpoint is that a virus changes when it bounces from species-to-species. It almost always becomes less infective and has lower mortality than a straight human-to-human transmission. That is how distemper vaccine was developed, the distemper virus was used to infect ferrets and the "new" virus was similar enough to generate immune responses in canines but not similar enough to make them sick.

Even within a species, virus tend to become more infectious and less lethal. It is not in the virus's best interest to kill of the host before it has had a chance to spread and in the case of humans, it is even better if the infection is symptom free so the host continues to mingle with other humans.

Let them eat Lobster

It has been observed that in a universe of near infinite numbers, the improbable becomes inevitable.

Each infected human carries approximately 50 billion discrete Covid virus at peak infection. That is a pretty big number. 

There are roughly 70 million hogs in the US and about 30 million cattle. If they each can carry a similar number of virus then that is a lot of throws of the dice.

And then we have influenza which we know can infect poultry, wild birds and hogs.

It is likely that the WHO will "manage" pandemics at some point by ordering the livestock in the United States be destroyed preemptively as a precaution to reduce the likelihood of hyper-virulent strains from developing.

The World Health Organization is one of the UN Family of Organizations and other parts of the UN have already communicated that they are anti-meat. My confidence is less than 100% that the WHO will be unswayed by other UN initiatives in the use of their new authority.


  1. I never thought of it as a special ability, but apparently some people who acknowledge and observe the above as being correct and true, cannot connect the dots to the inevitble future.
    For the slow kids at the back of the bus, we're going to have to shoot the bastards.
    Grok that.
    The sooner you do, the better for you. I don't know how many other ways to say it to get through to people. It IS going to come to that.

    1. Concur. Our ancestors stepped up in 1775, it's gonna be our turn... soon.

  2. And what reason is given to give up our autonomy?

    1. Baffling. Usually, when negotiating one party gains something in exchange for giving something up to the other party.

      I don't see that we gained anything. It appears to be unilateral.

      Damned shame about those feral bees and feral chickens and feral hogs and feral cattle and feral children. No way in hell to catch them all.

    2. Nope. The shooting of the "enforcers" oughtta be pretty simple, though. Most likely no bag limit.

    3. The enforcers? As in local shiny badges?
      No....aim higher. Much, much higher.

  3. 10% for the big guy, John. 10% Brandon will sell out for.
    Cattle used to be up to 38 million, with another 9 million dairy.
    The problem of the crisis comes when you don't have the resources (daily, weekly, monthly,etc) to sustain the herd. Back in 2012 Texas drought, they probably went from a 25-35 mile radius to feed the cattle out to states away sourcing. Was it the same quality/price point to make the last pound of marginal gain (milk or meat), or to keep them alive to sell as lean cattle?

  4. congress has lain on its back and let those with a pen and a phone walk all over them.
    exec orders are for times of war for example
    legally it all must pass through congress
    are congress too lazy to do their jobs or do they think they are going to get a cut?
    it is all illegal

  5. Another unconstitutional, treasonous act by the Deep State. They really do want to push the country over the edge to kinetic chaos.

  6. The Senate needs to confirm any treaty and I can say this one will go down in flames, much like the one George the Dumber wanted to sign on global warming.



    This sounds like fake news\propaganda going back to at least 2022.

  9. You cited Wikipedia as a source. Moron.


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