Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fine Art Tuesday


One of the most evocative images in fine art, a fisherman's wife preparing her husband for burial.
Michael Ancher born in Denmark 1849 died 1927.

Famous for his paintings of the Danish fishing community of Skagen.

Moving a lifeboat in winter

A spinner and a blindman

Will he make it around the shoals?


  1. As always, thanks ERJ. Pictures of a vanished world.

  2. We sure don't appreciate how easy we have it. Life was hard and I'm convinced it will be hard again.---ken

  3. Many many years ago, I saw a painting at the Smithsonian. The subject was a fisherman and a young boy in a row boat in rough seas. I never learned any more about the painting but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Michael Ancher was the artist.

  4. Thanks for keeping the Old Remus tradition alive.

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