Thursday, February 9, 2023

What modern ground combat looks like

Amplifying the signal.

From Max Velocity Tactical blog:

...a platoon level dismounted infantry attack through woods onto a ruined section of farm buildings. What is interesting, and my best guess, taking a look at the varying level and complexity of equipment, both on rifles and personal gear, it appears to me that this is likely to be conducted by a small professional cadre, most likely regular troops, leading mobilized and older / less fit personnel. You can see that the guy with the camera (‘Commander’ as he is referred to in the second video), his buddy callsign ‘Handsome’, and perhaps the one who brings Handsome the RPG. seem to be well equipped and well trained regulars, whereas many of the others we can observe have basic equipment, basic AK’s, and seem older and less fit. This is probably an explanation for the actions we see in the video. A lot of the drive on the attack comes from Commander and Handsome. It appears that Commander is probably a squad leader, and the best position in a skirmish line for a squad leader would be slightly behind the line, where he can get best observation, control and situational awareness. But Commander is in front of the line and takes it upon himself to assault the Ukrainian fighting position.

If you want to cut to the chase, you can scroll ahead to the 4:40 mark.

Commander lobs a hand-grenade at 4:44 and then things get ugly. Subtitles are dubbed in for those of us who do not speak Russian.

The damage to the trees from the artillery is significant. The trees appear to be oak trees.

Only fools WANT civil war.


  1. Yep, ugly is 'one' way to put it...

  2. No one "wants" civil war. At least I don't. But sometimes it becomes all too apparent that the only way to achieve change is to kill them or they kill you.

  3. Looks like a squad of Militia with a couple of professionals leading.

  4. In Corruptible by Brian Klaas he reported that in past wars 50000 rounds per enemy KIA was measured. From the sounds of that video he was right. Little wonder the US military has been trying to produce caseless rounds.

  5. Want and need are two different things. The crime cabal currently in power is never going to relinquish their illegitimate hold on power willingly or peacefully. TINVOWOOT

    1. Can I get an AMEN!!!
      Not my choice, but when left with no other option, I will dance in my enemies blood.

  6. ERJ, I have never served but I am a student of history - and history reveals that wars of any kind seldom go as planned. That anyone would desire such a thing, or agitate to start such a thing, seems inconceivable to me. That said, it seems to happen all the time.

    1. Going to war is rarely a logical process, and responding to it usually isn't either...

    2. Humans are an irrational, emotional and illogical species. Why would warfare be exempt from this reality.

    3. Whats inconceivable is that such evil walks among us every day. Its always been there, but only rises to power every so often... and man blindly follows it, every damned time.

  7. I've noticed listening to folks seemingly excited about CW2 that their descriptions of the glory of defeating their "enemies" seems always in the destruction of their enemies in the battlefield, much like the video above.

    When you find out a civil war (what an oxymoron) includes homes and towns aka Sherman's march to the sea you'll understand the architecture differences of Europe and USA.

    When I was in Europe I noticed most older homes were concrete, stone or such. Roll down steel shutters were common.

    They still had memories of the old folks of war in their design.

    We had our last war inside the USA around Shermans march in the Civil War. Around 1864.

    Our homes are built for peace and a high trust society. Our locks barely keep honest people honest; our windows are broad and easily shattered. Hell, our homes are fire traps for arsonists.

    THAT's Civil War when women and children are lost as their homes are ablaze and starvation's song "Daddy, I'm HUNGRY" fills the air.

    And THAT Civil War had Uniforms but still had friendly fire accidents. I wonder how many of us will be killed by those "Friendly Rifles behind every blade of grass."

    Pray for wisdom and protect your family. The Clown world of DC will not.

  8. The betters seem dead set on reducing the White population any way they can now. There, FIFY.


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