Saturday, February 18, 2023

The true face of Toxic Males?


A random family photo picked off the internet. What a bunch of weirdos! Not a tattoo, piercing or strand of dyed hair in sight.
If you follow the Mainstream media or listen to the venomous harpies on The View, they would have you believe that the picture shown above is the face of Toxic Masculinity.

If you were to spend the tiniest amount of time on the internet doing some searching, you might reach the conclusion that the picture shown above is the true face of Male Toxicity.

According to a 2012 report by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and HIV-Affected Intimate Partner Violence, 47% of homicides by Intimate Partners happened to Gay men.

If Gay men make up 2.5% of the population (a number that is debatable) then Gay partner homicide is approximately 20 times the base rate. Not "20%". Nope, 20 TIMES and closer to 40 TIMES the base-rate-minus-Gay-and-Lesbian couples.

Sure the data is old and yes, it only covered two years of data. So there could be a "small number" problem because homicides are still a relatively rare event.

The same report states:

Gay men were more likely to require medical attention and suffer injuries as a result of IPV. Gay men were close to two times (1.7) more likely to require medical attention and 16 times more likely to suffer injury as compared to individuals who did not identify as gay men.

That is a very bizarre combination of facts. Sixteen times more likely to be injured but only 1.7 times more likely to "require" medical attention. "Injured" data may be collected from responding-officer reports. Since checking into a medical facility is (usually) voluntary, perhaps "required" means "sought".

It is speculative to offer reasons why the violence is under-reported but it may have to do with manipulative behaviors on the part of the perpetrator and the cognitive dissonance in the mind of the victim; Gay means "happy", not violent.

People who study the issue universally agree that Intimate-Partner-Violence is under-reported in the LGBT community. The official numbers are that LG report IPV at rates similar to hetero couples while B sees statistically higher rates and the T component is so new as to not have enough data to report with confidence.

If the injury and homicide data are stable and accurate, then IPV in the LGBT community is at least an order-of-magnitude greater than officially recognized.


  1. I worked in recording symphonies and such, so being around the art world gave me a little bit of tangential insight. Their relationships were dangerous when they were on the outs.

    It's been my experience (very small sample) that their homicides are vindictive to the extreme. We had a male couple down the street in Houston. One day, the forensic team showed up. The overkill showed a lot of anger. It was a mess.

    1. Way back in the day, we were remodeling/building out a real estate office for a queer male couple. Just from the inflection in each of their voices, you could tell who was the pitcher and who was the catcher.

      We were on a break when the "happy" couple paid a visit to the job site. Evidently, the "catcher" caught the "pitcher" eyeing one of the construction workers, got mad, grabbed up a shovel and chased his partner down the street all the while, trying to brain him with the implement.

      I guess you had to be there, but to us, it was funny as hell.

  2. homosexuality is extreme narcissistic personality disorder.
    narcs have a body count of victims.

    often literally.

  3. As a former ER nurse ...

    I 'know' (but can't prove, obviously) that most of the "violence against gays" is actually gay-on-gay violence. Also, L's are considerably 'more' violent in a relationship than even G's but ... it's always reported as being committed by some male (former husband, partner, ... any male who happens to be in the vicinity).

    It's long been known that "domestic violence" in heterosexual couples is, in the vast majority of cases, a team sport, i.e. mutual, and that, again in the vast majority of cases, the 'instigator' was ... the woman (Why not when whatever the reality and true facts of the case, the woman will always be the victim, excused, lauded and rewarded, and the man always guilty, even when the victim). Men are also (who could guess?) trained to know they 'will' be punished and so such incidences are relatively rare (unusual), women ... not so much.

    Incidentally, in such conflicts, men use fists and feet (most women attend with bruises, breaks and such), women use tools (fire, poison, etc. and ... other men) so men attend with severe injury, mutilation or are ... "brought in dead". (Also mens violence appears to be both spontaneous/reactionary and self-limiting, womens is neither).

    So? Put two women (raised/trained to know 'they' will always be excused and judged the victim, both with no limits on their guaranteed consequence-free behaviour) in a relationship and ... you get what we see, daily, 24/7/365.

    I suspect a significant percentage of 'all' violence against women is in actuality women-on-women violence.

    We'll never know though as all the data is irretrievably corrupted and manipulated, at every point (to maintain the narrative, and keep the bennies flowing in).

    1. "... all the data is irretrievably corrupted and manipulated, at every point..." <=====Like he said...

  4. As my psychiatrist friend told me: Queers? They're all fucked up. Total gold mine.


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