Sunday, February 19, 2023

Lion King movie released by Disney in 1994

Simba and Nala on Pride Rock with Rafiki the baboon holding their cub

Did it ever occurred to you that Simba and Nala are half-siblings?

Mufasa was the father of all of the cubs in the pride and therefore the father of both cubs.

Does that count as normalizing incest?


  1. All the way to the beginning.....
    Adam and Eve ......

  2. Scar may have slipped a few cubs in on the side while Mufasa wasn't around. That may be why Scar didn't kill all the cubs when he took over as Alpha male.

  3. incest common among lions at least nowadays

  4. I'm surprised that they haven't yet torn down the statue of Walt at Disneyworld.


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