Monday, February 27, 2023

No Surprises Here

Elissa Slotkin announced that she intends to run for Michigan's US Senate seat to be vacated by Debbie Stabenow.

The race for Michigan's 7th US House seat was one of the most expensive in the country as the Dems and PACs plowed a lot of bucks into the race:

Spending in the race is nearing $27 million when future ad reservations and outside spending are considered, making Michigan’s 7th the most expensive House general election contest nationwide, according to a ranking by the firm AdImpactSource

The blue party outspent the red party by a five-to-one margin. Very curious, that. 

Slotkin won the race, 192,809 to Barrett's 172,624.

The gargantuan bank-roll to outpace the challenger by a mere 5 percentage points becomes clearer IF Slotkin had already been chosen as Stabenow's replacement by the Democrats in their smoke-filled rooms and the primaries are a mere formality. It would be VERY embarrassing if the Queen-Emperor in-waiting had been unable to get reelected as an incumbent in her home US House district.

Slotkin possesses everything the Democrats want in a Senator. She follows directions. She is young and is likely to have a very long tenure in the Senate although if she continues to gain 20 pounds a year she will have to enter the Capitol building through the freight elevator.

Incidentally, if you look at Michigan's voting patterns and the broad shift in the direction of Biden's party (in Michigan) during the mid-term, many conservatives estimate the margin-of-cheat to be in the range of 6%. Whether true or not, it is entertaining.


  1. I don't know if you remember but I do, why way back in 2000 when Bush was running for President and everyone was AMAZED that he had raised $50 million for his campaign, at that time an unprecedented figure. Now a Senator is pushing up to that amount. ~20 years ago my Mother ran for County Commissioner in a middlin' sort of town/city and even then the cheap seats were $30k to run to become one of two dozen or so County Commissioners.

    This ain't gonna end is it?
    Tom from East Tennessee

  2. Gonna go out on a limb here and predict she wins.....because the Demonrats want her to win. Therefore they will arrange for her to win. TINVOWOOT

  3. Our elections have largely become reflective of the elections of the latter Roman Republic: High money elections after which the electors are safely ignored.

    The Roman Republic did not much outlast that final phase.

    1. I doubt the Roman Empire was afflicted with the endemic election fraud we are now seeing.

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