Tuesday, February 7, 2023

"Hit BIG at the Casino!!!"


The sun never sets in a casino
My coffee drinking buddies are funny guys.

Today's conversation turned to gambling and people with gambling addictions and their "Sure things".

One of the guys still throws money at ponies, golf and the lottery. He was bragging "I hit BIG at the casino this past weekend! I hit BIG!"

After he left, Billy said, "You know what that means, dontchya?"

I shook my head in the negative. This guy was one of the new ones at the coffee drinking table.

"It means he is going to need a shot of penicillin" Billy said.

"Penicillin cures gambling?" I asked. It was a new one on me.

"No, it cures the clap. "BIG" is one of the hookers who works the casino" Billy told me before breaking out into his wheezy laugh.

I wonder if every casino hosts a hooker named "BIG".


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