Saturday, February 25, 2023

Random thoughts

Poor White Trash

You gotta be loaded to get away with acting like poor-white-trash now days. Must be inflation.

Cutting brush

I was cutting brush today and got poked in the eye by a twig.

Light duty for ERJ for a day or two.

Sweet Corn

Mrs ERJ informed me that she used up the last of the sweet corn we had frozen in 2020.

I ordered 300 seeds of a main-season sh2 hybrid. "sh2" carry genes that cripple the kernel's ability to convert sugar to starch. That makes them very, very sweet and they have a long shelf-life. It also means that their seeds are very shrunken and are fussy about soil temperature (they like it warm-to-very-warm) and how deeply they are planted. Since I only have 300 to plant I can simply cover them with the appropriate amount of sand and they should have no problems punching through that.

A post on planting the 2020 crop

A post on freezing the 2017 crop


Southern Belle asked about the possibility of my buying some sliced deli meat for her lunches.

She is probably my most coachable kid. I explained that I coughed up a hair-ball at paying $12 a pound for sliced deli meat but I offered to buy a rotisserie chicken and she could pick four pounds of meat off of it and make chicken salad for sandwiches. A rotisserie chicken currently costs $8.

Southern Belle was fine with my proposal.


  1. Seems like I study all the time, I still can't catch up with you.
    How is it you know so much about so much?

  2. If you are able to find, get some 'incredible' sweet corn. It lives up to its namesake.

  3. ERJ - Being the direct descendent of Lower-Middle Class Semi-Rural Folk, I find it amazing that apparently a price tag attached to such a thing. We got it for free.

    It is always a good feeling when our children listen to our reasoning.

  4. If you have a Costco in your area, rotisserie chickens are $4.99. My whole rotisserie chickens weighed 4.25lbs. Meat off the bones weighed 3.1 lbs. Excellent value and makes great chicken salad. I buy two at a time, debone them while they are still warm (the meat releases easier from the bone when warm), freeze the meat and use as needed.

    1. Ditto, and then some. We have a vacuum sealer, out of two chickens we get about nine smaller freezer bags. Our call if we want one or two for the night's dinner of noodles and chicken, enchiladas, gumbo, etc.
      Also and a must-do. Throw the remnants in the crockpot with a handful of celery, onions, carrots, Tbl or two peppercorns, run on high for8 - 10 hours. Incredible stock, or 'chicken jelly' as my wife calls it. Get about three to four three cup containers.
      I don't feel bad for Costco, we spend a lot more with them after that loss leader.

    2. SAM's club here on the east coast does the same thing.. Family sized rotis chicken for $4.99

  5. You mean you don't wear Eye Protection when doing chores?
    Remember....everyone is only issued two eyeballs. There are no replacements and they have to last you a lifetime. Wear eye protection whenever you do ANYTHING other than reading or watching the boob tube.

    1. Dan said it. Please remember your eye-pro from now on!
      Boat Guy

    2. I was wearing my normal glasses and the $%^& twig came in over the top.

  6. That is a nice looking corn variety. Wish I could grow it here. --ken

  7. Rotisserie chicken? For the price of that tiny roasted bird (none of ours gets past 3 pounds, I've weighed them) you can get a 6+ pound hen Cheaper and roast it yourself.

    As the skeleton of the mature chicken weighs the same at 3 pounds or 6 pounds the difference is meat.

    One 6+ pounder roasted chicken last Monday fed my sweetie and myself (with starches added) roasted legs and thighs, chicken Alfredo, chicken pharm, REAL chicken soup (Tasty), and we still have enough chicken leftover to add to extend a commercial chicken dumpling soup and add some cheese quesadillas too for today.

    But then again, it's a game in my house to see how close to 2 dollars a person-meal we can get AND still enjoy it.

    1. I found the same is true with turkeys ... A 14 pounder and a 22 pound bird have the the same size carcass. Cooking while single ... Vacuum Sealer not included but is a required tool.

  8. Everybody knows that this is why you get a Costco membership. Their rotisserie chickens are huge and selling at break-even at best - $5.99. And they're bloody delicious.

  9. Read a blog where lady takes the stripped corn cobs and throws them in a big pot. Adds salt and pepper and boils them. Then cans the stock and uses it as stock for soups.


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