Sunday, February 12, 2023

Husbandly duties


Crispy brown on the outside, gooey on the inside.

We recently purchased a small toaster-oven that uses infrared "tubes" rather than thick, metal heating elements. The primary purpose for the new oven is to make cookies.

The oven is very fast and the time-to-cook is very short, which necessitates Mrs ERJ adjusting her recipes.

Guess who gets to be the lab-rat? Yup. Me!

A close-up so you can better appreciate the trials and tribulations I endure.

Alas, these are responsibilities that fall to "the husband". Time for me to "man-up".

Nothing makes a house smell more home-like than baking bread, apple pies or...chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Yep...gotta bake some Yeast Rolls this morning. I'm going to let the bread machine do most of the work though.

  2. Yaannow a toaster oven that draws 400 watts is easier to provide for in a grid down situation than a standard house oven. Betcha solar+battery would be good enough in even your latitude.

    1. What you say is true, but this model draws 1800W which is unfortunate because it draws the full 15A that the 14 gauge wire is "breakered" for.

      The model was chosen on the basis of how quickly it could go from "cold" to edible cookie AND the quality of the cookies.

      There is a back-story but it is not mine to tell.

    2. My sun oven, much like solar PV panels, works when Mr. Sun is awake and happy. It uses no electricity. I've made perfectly edible chicken, soup, stew, hard eggs (I fell asleep and way overcooked 'em- they turned brown and tasted smoked- yum). Hafta try cookies soon. Joe, your husbandly cookie duty may be onerous, but ya gotta do it!

  3. Add another 5 miles to tomorrows run . --ken

  4. Trying to feel sorry for for but I just can't reach that far.
    [Outstretched arm with grasping hand]


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