Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Heller and Shannon: Chumming

"Anita" had an email waiting for her on Pluggedin when Shannon got to the library.

One of the connections that Paul Andrews had supplied had responded. "What are your goals for your post-Graduation internship? What do you hope to take-home?"

Shannon had anticipated that she would get a question like this and she had given it some thought but did not want her response to seem too polished.

Indonesia is a growing county and I am very proud to be Indonesian. But in many ways we are catching up with the rest of the world.

While we are very rich in oil and agriculture and manufacturing, we do not have the social freedoms that the United States enjoys. That is especially true for women.

While I am in the United States, I want to make connections with as many people with as many different outlooks on life that I could never meet in Indonesia.

While I am in the United States, I want to experience all of the freedoms that progressive women in the United States enjoy so I can take those experiences back to Indonesia so I can report on them and help guide our future.

Yours very truly    -Anita Santosa

PS: I enclosed a more recent picture than I the one I used in my Pluggedin profile. I cannot go out in public like this, but this picture was taken in the courtyard of one of my father's villas.

Then Shannon's phone pinged. She had a message from Kim, Miss Dig had sprayed and flagged the build site and the closest line was 200 feet away from the proposed site of the root-cellar.

Shannon left a voice-mail on Mandy's office telephone and would follow up with a phone call in the morning.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll bet Joe got thumped by Mrs. Joe once or twice for 'researching' the character. LOL!

    2. That young lady reminds me a lot of Mrs ERJ when she was just a little younger...say last August.

      Too cold for those kinds of clothes right now.

  2. That girl looks like she'd get you twenty, IYKWIM.

    1. Certain species that inhabit cesspools can only be attracted with certain kinds of bait.

      That would be those species who believe that the norms that guide civil society are meant for OTHER people, but not for them.

      The good news is that they never expect to be the hunted.

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