Saturday, February 18, 2023

We had a late night last night

Handsome Hombre looked over at Southern Belle (my oldest daughter) and said "Having one kid isn't keeping you busy enough to keep you happy."

Southern Belle was in agreement with that. Day-care is incredibly expensive in Miami and the better day-cares demand an up-front "materials fee" much like a security deposit on an apartment...and of a similar amount. It does not make economic sense to pick up a part-time gig.

Then Handsome Hombre surprised her. "Plane tickets are cheap. Why don't you get some gigs up in Michigan and your parents can watch Quicksilver?"

We picked up Southern Belle and Quicksilver at Detroit Metro late last night.


Garbage in, Garbage out

A few of the posts this weekend will be GIGO type posts.

Sadly, writing about some of the most interesting issues is crippled by the "stale data".

It is almost as if the data is embarrassing and it is politically expedient to stop funding the research.

Please bear with me as I process the issues out of my system. I know the data sucks but it is what can be found using and other search engines.


  1. I'm available to do research at $100 an hour. Just tell me the end results you want and I will make up data to support the conclusion. =)

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  3. A Dunkin franchise should be making way more than a $100 bucks an hour. You're slacking, Honey.


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