Thursday, February 2, 2023

More quickies

The three-year-old microwave went Tango-Uniform yesterday. Fortunately we had a spare in the basement. I woke in the middle of the night to the sweet potpourri of fresh, buttered popcorn. Mrs ERJ had gotten up back up to finish a novel she is reading.


In line with recent posts about fishing rods, I decided to make some artificial lures. I opted to make some 3/8ths ounce, brass spoons with a .308 diameter. Looking at the internet, it appears that with the right kind of rod and line, an experienced caster can fling them at 2750 fps although many seem to think it is easier to cast more accurately at 2650 fps.

I was very happy with the unfinished, brass spoons that I purchased from this supplier in New Jersey. I purchased the F-C brass blanks because I believe it casts a little bit more uniformly although it is prudent to max out at 2.0 grains less line than listed for the Win brass referenced in many handbooks.

Tommy learned the the world's greatest pickup line at the age of six (cute)

And that line is "Do you want to dance?"

Varnishing doors

The doors in our house were stained but not varnished when we bought it. I assume they had not been stained when the house was built in the mid '70s.

So, after forty-five years and our raising 4 kids and uncounted is time to varnish them.

I apologized in advance to Mrs ERJ. "I don't think I can do a great job on these". I have friends with boats and I was treated to much exposition about dust-free rooms and leveling the varnish with solvents and not re-brushing and sanding...much sanding, and wiping with tac-cloths and so on.

She brushed off my apologies. "We will just call it "rustic".


  1. Nothing wrong with 'rustic', especially at our age... LOL

  2. " "We will just call it "rustic"" - your wife sounds very sensible and you are lucky to have her in your Life. Too many people make things unnecessarily complicated. Its a door - not a piano.

  3. I have had good luck with copper jacketed spoons from that Berry fellow with the website...

  4. Brass spoons indeed. Fortunately I have some left over from my days of casting competition--a 50 cal ammo can 3/4 full of LC 77 Match. My favorite 308 casting material is Varget. Good velocity as lower pressures, and one of the very first temperature stable materials.

  5. RE: the microwave. I've learned - the hard way - it does not pay to buy anything even slightly fancy regarding appliances because no matter what it is it'll head to the appliance graveyard a lot sooner than expected. So, I buy the simplest and cheapest gizmo that will perform the required task in the most efficient manner.

    And, if the budget and storage space allow, having a spare can be valuable as you found out. Which is why I also have a "spare" cheapo microwave and two refrigerators; one handles grandkids' beverages and overflow from the Main Fridge. Two is one, etc.


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