Saturday, February 4, 2023

Random observations

Funny, I don't remember Commie balloons floating over the US before "Anything for a Buck" Biden got into the Inflation business.


Democratic National Committee moves first 2024 Prez Primary to South Carolina citing that South Carolina "looks more like America" than Iowa or New Hampshire.

Compared to the US population, South Carolina has 2X more African-Americans and less than 40% of the Hispanics in terms of percentages. Advantage: Kamala Harris.

Dems must be mathematically impaired: Disrespecting the fastest growing segment of the United States to the advantage of the segment that aborts their children at 3X the national average.


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  3. ERJ - The weather balloon is a new level of embarrassing for this administration, which was already at a previous high level. On the bright side, 99 Red Balloons from Nena is enjoying a comeback, so hopefully some more residuals for her.

    The revising of the primary process by the Blue Party seems like a very short sighted move. It constrains them in a way that will not allow for candidates that might have a larger traction nationally.

  4. I would think that black voters would resent Kamala's phony attempt to appropriate their race, since everyone knows she is Indian.

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