Saturday, October 26, 2019

Warranty work on the barn wiring and HVAC work at the hunting cabin

I installed some 24" drawer slides beneath the door to Sprite's chicken coop. It had been running on dry lumber and was difficult to open and close. I tried greasing the wood but it did not get any better.

After installing the bearing I found that the door, which had been raised about 3/8" of an inch, was hitting a piece of framing. Thirty seconds with a chainsaw fixed the interference and I thought no more about it until Sprite told me that the light in the coop was not working.

I had bumped some wiring while using the chainsaw.

While I was there, I re-aimed the sensor on one of the motion activated lights.

I bought a reciprocating saw for this job. It is the first one I have ever owned. They used to be $200 but can now be had for $40. The bargain saw worked great.
The furnace was short-cycling. I made adjustments to the analog fan control and added this cool-air intake to the plenum. The cool air intakes were in rooms we closed off during the winter.
I added a label to the breakers to indicate which one activates the furnace.
There is a second switch (and fuse) on the southwest corner of the furnace.
I took a walk in the woods after the HVAC work. This is the first specimen of Toxicodendron vernix I have seen out there. It is a beautiful plant but not one you want in your back yard.
This view is not from the hunting cabin. There is a solitary house on the far side of the lake. Not all of Michigan is Detroit. You can click the image to embiggen the image.


  1. Nice looking lake! And wiring WILL bite you... sigh

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