Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Flossing your nerves

You might want to floss your nerves. You think I jest.

The dots were created by pressing my thumb to locate where my leg was tender. The tender tissue had a tendency to squirm, otherwise the dots would be more in-a-line.

I stopped running due to pain in my left knee. Belladonna suggested it might be because I am not stretching my quads.

One thing that was curious was the location of the knee pain. Sometimes it was above the knee. Other times it was in a band below the knee running along the top of my calf muscles to alongside the inside of the shin.

Isn't the Internet grand?
The Saphenous Nerve is a likely candidate. The tender region is not muscular nor does it feel like a blood vessel. It moves around even when there is muscle tension so it is not connective tissue. The Saphenous nerve is in the right zipcode and can be aggravated by tight quads, so Bella may be onto something.

Darn, just what I need, one more muscle group to stretch and another body part to floss. Getting old ain't for sissies.

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