Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Obligatory corn picture

Dollar bill on left for scale. They did much better than expected for being planted June 9.


  1. will you be paying your serfs with that?

    1. Serfs are not an effective way to run an economy.

      Soviet collective farms perpetuated the peasant's attachment to the land and only changed the labels. Soviet collective productivity was abysmal.

      Small private plots in the Soviet Union were only intended to supplement family diets were 3% of the cultivated land, yet they produced 25% of the agricultural value AFTER they fed the family that worked them.

      The serf economy makes management expertise the bottleneck resource. When management resources are scarce, decisions are made with paint rollers rather than fine-nibbed pens.

      A family garden plot, by contrast, can have resolution down to the zucchini plant or the precise number of bean seeds planted every half-week.

      Nope. I don't do serfs.

  2. Always amazed at the blue kernels on the yellow ear and the randomness of the pollination (if that's the right word). Easily amazed am I!


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