Sunday, October 20, 2019

A tale of two countries

Tomorrow is trash-day.

Mrs ERJ and I were taking advantage of the dry spell and burning some brush that had accumulated.

Off to the southeast we heard something rumbling.

"What is that?" Mrs ERJ asked.

"The neighbor is rolling his Captain Curby to the end of his driveway." I guessed.

That neighbor, according to Google Maps, is precisely 1600 feet from where our campfire was burning

If one were to swing an arc with a radius of 1600 feet into a circle, one would enclose approximately 0.3 square miles. In Manhattan, NY that would enclose 30,000 people.

It seems unlikely that a person in Manhattan would be be able to hear a neighbor a mere 1600 feet away rolling his garbage to the street.

I imagine it is equally inconceivable to somebody in Manhattan that somebody can hear the rumble of wheels across gravel from a third of a mile away.



  2. That assumes your hearing is a helluva lot better than mine!!! :-)

    1. According to Kubota and Mrs ERJ, there are times when my hearing is impaired. Rarely, however, does that impairment occur shortly before meal times.

  3. You are contributing to Global Warming by burning that brush. To atone for this environmental insult, you must sacrifice a cow to Gaia. Certain prime parts of the cow must be burned over a gas or charcoal fire until medium rare. Only then will your crime against Mother Earth be extirpated.

    1. I forgot the most important part of the sacrifice. You must force yourself to eat the prime parts of the cow that must be burned to medium rare. If need be, in order to inhibit your gag reflex, you may swallow up to 25.5 ounces of cabernet sauvignon while engaging in the ritual sacrifice.


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