Sunday, October 20, 2019

And just like that...

And with just a few words, President Trump made it impossible for any Democrat running against him to use troop draw-down in the middle-East or Islamophobia as a campaign issue in 2020.

Furthermore, he has them on record as going nuts when he pulls twenty-five troops back from defending the Turkey-Syria/Iraq border while the Democrats taking him to court to prevent him from guarding the Mexican-US border.

Kurds are worth shedding American blood and treasure to protect but US citizens are not? How do you defend that position in front of the American voters?

It is like poking a snapping turtle in the nose with a stick. You KNOW what it is going to do.


  1. Are we looking at a roasted goose here?

    1. It was a pun on "The Democrats' goose is cooked".
      Seriously, I can not tell what that is.

  2. We need to be out of Syria. And any time frame that Trump chose for pulling us out would be problematic to say the least. So when there is no good or optimal time for getting out, then the correct time to do it is RIGHT NOW.

    I do wish there had been a way we could get out while helping and protecting the Kurds. But the only way to do that would be to keep and probably increase our military presence there. Which would keep us in Syria. When we need to GET OUT.

    Let the Russians be the counterweight to Turkey in Syria. They have a direct interest there. We do not. Thank you to President Trump for getting us out of an untenable position there.


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