Thursday, October 31, 2019

PC Lipstick for men

A very manly color, in my opinion. Image from the linked article.

Pretty good tutorial HERE.

Readers expressed much interest on the essay about making Aspirin-Caffeine-Paracetamol tablets. I thought I would post an essay on making PC lipstick dispensers for men.

The lipstick portion of the assembly. Image from the linked article.

Some of the details that don't seem that important upon first reading...but ARE important:

  • Some specific powder-coat paint formulations glue the bullets together when baked. Others don't flow the same way and the bullets are easy to separate.
  • The specific container used to hold the bullets and powder while swirling them together is critical toward generating the static electricity to make the powder stick to the bullets. 
  • The original poster STRONGLY advises that you use Cool-Whip or sour-cream containers for your first effort at powder coating cast bullets.Those containers are polypropylene and are recycling code "5"

One suggestion is to keep a log. You may find that the powders that work well for the original poster in dry Idaho might not stick well in more humid parts of the country. Keeping a log is valuable. You may find that the coatings that the original poster rejected because they apply themselves too thickly in Idaho are the bee's-knees in summer in Michigan.


  1. This is a brand new one on me Joe, it's been a couple decades since I've reloaded. What's the attraction with coating bullets, does it improve accuracy, reduce fouling, or just look better on the fashion runway? Surprised nobody is using Real Tree so the target can't see them coming.

    1. Some indoor ranges require totally encapsulated bullets to reduce lead vapors. Of course, many of those ranges also prohibit hand-loads.

      Proponents claim you don't need "grease" lubes for cast bullets to avoid leading. Grease lubes are messy and not friendly to changing temperatures. They can be too hard in the cold or too runny in the heat.

      Regarding lubrication, I don't see how they can be as effective at sealing against gas-cutting as a grease lube, but what do I know.


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