Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Old guys drinking coffee

I went to coffee this morning. It has been weeks since I last attended.

The big news was that the weather girl on Channel Six was missing. Even a month ago they were wagering when she would have her child. Day-by-day she got bigger and bigger.

The speculation is that she is now a mother.

The weather "girls" at the other stations were discussed but there was no clear consensus as to which was the most watchable. They are all good looking but they lack the sense of impending drama that the Channel Six girl offered.


The other tip involved fishing. The first decent sized bluegill you catch you re-hook to a beater spincasting rod like a Zebco 202. Add a bobber about three feet above the fish and let it go. The fish will rejoin the school...which likely moved in the hubbub of reeling in the first fish.

Use the bobber as a guide. Either cast or, if you use a cane pole toss your hook in the general direction of the bobber.

The old-timers slay the bluegills this way. And if you have a treble hook as a trailer and use a rubber band to secure it to the bluegill just in front of its tail, sometimes you pick up an whopper Northern Pike or bass.

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