Sunday, October 13, 2019

Things were tougher in the early '80s

At one of the factories where I worked, an electrician took a week of vacation, drove out to Idaho in a full-size van with a buddy. They worked like dogs and harvested more than a ton of weed growing wild beside the irrigation ditches.

They drove back home to Michigan, hung it in a barn to dry and then went to work.

Just before it was dry enough to package, somebody helped themselves to the entire crop.

Nice payday for somebody...maybe the buddy.


  1. I did that with some friends outside of Naples Italy.
    Hilarious escapade.
    We came back at night with empty beer cases and found ourselves surrounded by hookers warming themselves around burning tires.
    My friend's wife was driving and these women came up to the car pushing bare boobs into the glass and lifting their skirts demonstrating that they had no panties on.
    Fellini stuff.
    We finally got away from them and got out to harvest the crop.
    Wouldn't get a fly high.
    Probably raised for bird feed.

  2. A roomie of mine spent an entire summer growing pot in his apartment with his brother. By the end of the summer, they had huge grocery sacks (paper, not plastic) filled with it.

    Amazingly, he flunked out the following semester.


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