Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A bias toward action

The Captain's untimely death has had one good outcome.

I got off my butt and started installing some of the hardware I bought but never quite got around to finishing the job.

In addition to the motion activated lights I have been putting in over at Sprite's, I installed the automatic garage door opener I bought three years ago.

Mrs ERJ loved her automatic door opener. It kept weather and animals out. It kept the garage warmer in the winter and it was easy, easy, easy.

The old one went Tango Uniform about five years ago.

I finally got the new one installed yesterday. Mrs ERJ programmed the fobs and I am once again a hero.

The other thing I have been doing is reloading odds-and-ends of ammo.

We live in a golden time. It won't last forever. I am scratching my head trying to anticipate what I might need if/when the liberals wrestle the three branches of government away. If that happens, then we will be looking at a multi-generational drought for firearms and ammo.

If push-comes-to-shove, I can cast projectiles that are .30 caliber and larger. That leaves primers, powder and brass, shot and 0.224" diameter projectiles.

"Ready made" ammo in .22LR, 7.62X39mm and 9mm FMJ are either very difficult to reload or can be purchased for less than the cost of reloading.


  1. How much lead have you hoarded?

    My tire guy and I have a deal - beer for wheelweights.

    Yes wheelweights are moved to zinc and steel, but there are older wheelweights still out there and the alloy is just about perfect for Boolits.

    1. I have some stashed away. To make batteries, of course.

    2. I don't recommend hoarding any raw or "scrap" lead for future/SHTF bullet casting. IMHO everyone should turn all their lead stashes into bullets RIGHT NOW. My reason being that 1. you won't want to spend the time and energy casting after things have gone bad...and 2. you can always melt down existing bullets and recast them into other sizes, weights etc.

  2. Sigh, I'm buying .22 and 9 right now. I'm sitting pretty well on the larger calibers.

  3. I have a couple of lead keels from two 25' sail boats. I am sure I have enough iffn' I could keep the neighborhood kids from chewing on them...

  4. A guy as handy as you shouldn't worry too much about .224 projectiles. You can swage them out of spent .22LR brass filled with lead core.

  5. I need to get casting gear. Something else for my wife to roll her eyes at.


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