Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Spiritual Works of Mercy

Counsel the doubtful

Everyone goes through tough times.

Instruct the ignorant

Ignorance is a destructive but correctable force.

Admonish the sinner

This may be the toughest one.  We are called to NOT IGNORE other's sins but to call them out, gently.

Comfort those in sorrow

We are all hurting.  Sometimes it is closer to the surface.


Forgive injuries

We all get bruised.  Let it go.  It hurts you more than it hurts anybody else.


Bear wrongs patiently

Shit happens.  Sometimes you just have to slog through the tough patch.  Do it with grace.

Pray for the living and the dead

Pray for the living is self-evident.  Praying for the dead can be as simple as asking God to send an angel or solace to your loved-one in their solitary times of crisis.  God created time and is not limited by it (Gen 1:1-5 and Gen 1:14)

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