Tuesday, May 15, 2018


It is damp around here.

The Captain came over yesterday during one of the lulls in the rain and mowed my grass with his zero turn.  They are amazing machines.  Not only can he mow eight times faster than my push mower but it does not clog up with damp grass.  Some day, when I am rich...

I have been watching the radar. It will look like clear skys are heading our way when BAM! heavy rain clouds form and pummel Michigan again.  Southwest Michigan has been taking a beating while portions of Michigan north of Grand Rapids have been dry.  We are on the dividing line between the two areas.  Sometimes it rains here, sometimes it misses.

Oh, right.  House breaking pups.  It is damp inside as well.

We have two adult German Shepherds and they drink like camels.  We leave water down.  Ready availability of water makes it difficult to time when Mocha needs to take a leak.  Not to worry, we will get this figured out.

Divided attention
Kubota is sick.  He rammed around all weekend and then told us Sunday night that he felt like crap.

Mrs ERJ has been burning the candle at both ends and, lately, in the middle as well.

She will be staying home with Kubota while the meds kick in.

Outside stuff
I am using 13 gallon, white garbage bags for "shade" and humidity enhancement.  This shot was taken looking down the center of the cage.

This variety is named Steuben

I got wire cages around the newly planted grape vines.  I used 2"-by-4" welded wire fence.  The cages are 48" tall and 10" in diameter.

The tubs I am using for cutting propagation get the same treatment, albeit in larger dimensions.

These are mostly grafted grape vines, Vidal 256 on top of V. riparia

This tub is filled with Lucie Kuhlmann cuttings

They are not taking off as quickly as I expected.  The little weeds are herb seedlings.

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