Saturday, May 5, 2018

Eating snakes

"Snake", carrots, sweet corn, beans, potatoes.

I ran a snake over with Mrs ERJ's minivan this afternoon.

Michigan does not have very many snakes.  Many snakes like to over-winter in caves or rock piles.  The bedrock in this part of the state is about 100 feet beneath the surface so "caves" are hard to come by.  Rock piles have been harvested for landscaping rock and fields have been merged to allow larger, more economical farm machinery.

Consequently, we have very few snakes.

So I felt bad when the "stick" I ran over was writhing on the pavement as I looked in the rearview mirror.

"I should pick that up and make stew." I commented.  Waste not, want not.

"Knock yourself out." was Mrs ERJ's reply.

The snake was not there when I went back.  A 'possum must have beaten me to it.  Still, I did not want to let down my sweetheart.

Everything tastes like chicken
The store had chicken thighs on sale.  Everything tastes like chicken.  Mrs ERJ will never know the difference.

Mrs Opanasenko
Terry Opanasenko's mom always had the most mouth-watering smells emanating from her kitchen.  Terry's dad was Ukrainian while his mother was second generation French. 

She used herbs!

Rosemary, tarragon, sweet marjoram, thyme, parsley....

Recipe here.

Mrs ERJ is gonna love that "snake".

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