Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A question about the "Installment" series

Hello readers.  I have a question about the "Installment" series.

Would more descriptive sub-titles for the installments be helpful?  As the author, I find myself wading through the installments and the titles are not very helpful when I want to find a particular sequence to edit.

Do you have any preferences as readers?  Do you prefer that I stick with "Installment X.Y": or would "Installment X.Y: Into the Jaws of Hell" be more useful to you?

For what it is worth, the series will end July 4.


  1. I like Installment X.Y: Into the Jaws of Hell, better. That way I can search and find it when I want to go back and reread it!

  2. Having "names" with the installments rather than just numbers makes it easier for human brains to "process". Computers and machines use numbers - but we mortals prefer words. - that's why we developed the Domain Name System instead of just using IP addresses. I'm thoroughly enjoying the story! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Enjoying it. Call it what you want. Maybe you should stick to numbers on 4.14.

  4. Add a description: It make it better and easier to read.

  5. A title would be helpful, but I've found that when I want to go back to check something, I just re-read the whole section! Thanks again for publishing this story - it's been very enjoyable.

  6. Does not matter in the least... really enjoying the series. Thanks!

  7. Hello Joe
    New to this blog - enjoying! Where can I find Installment 001 and a link to the rest so I may catch up? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

      The lead installment is here ==>


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