Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Springtime at a break-neck pace

Apricots are blooming and the honey bees like that!

A plum rootstock "Krymsk"

Tashkent quince with zero winter dieback.  Skorospelka had an inch of dieback.  All other varieties died back to the snow line.

Seed potatoes.  They look pretty good for having been stored in a bucket in our basement all winter.

Seven rows of potatoes planted. Potatoes can be planted into really rough seedbeds.
Trees were fertilized.  The orchard was mowed.  Plums were grafted to some sweet P. americana I found growing along Irish Road in northwestern Eaton County.  I moved five grape vines, cv. Steuben.

My brother covered mom-and-dad detail today so I could catch up on my outside chores.

Dad is eating soup well.  I know what you are thinking....
We don't feed the Alpo to Dad.  We feed it to Dad's dog.  She is used to eating six meals a day.

Blogging will be light tomorrow.  I will be driving to Ashland, Ohio and watching Belladonna toss dwarfs.  Do they have Highland games (caber toss) for women?

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